5G Network In Africa And All You Need To Know


Exacluding Africa Other Continents in the world are rolling out 5G Devices Network In the various countries saturated around them.

With Africa being one of the biggest countries in Africa With over 1.3 Billion People, seems to be left behind.

With most of their citizens moving from the 3G Network Too The 4G Network, which to them is a major upgrade.

Which you won’t blame for reasoning in such matter as 4G Phones are not that cheap to afford judging from the economic aspect of the continent.

Even though other Countries in Europe have already started using the 5G Network Technology.

It has just been 300 Models Of The 5G Network Technology Smart Phones that has been rolled out/lunched by the Big Phone Manufacturers.

Some People Have The Opinion that 5G Network Technology is A New Generation For mobile network.

But i my self personally think it is not just a Fresh Mobil Network.

But it is a mobile network which is transforming The whole World for the good.


5G Network Technology is the 5th generation of mobile networks, in a lay mans understanding it is the newest member of the mobile network family.

Which came after other ranges of mobile networks which includes 1G,2G,3G & 4G.

5G is different from other generations of network in somany ways.

One of which is its ability to be able to connect everyone and everything together.

But also including object, machines, devices and even Robots to its connectivity.

According to research and from the experience from its users, the 5G Network Technology delivers Ultra Low Latency (It is very fast for a data to get to its destination in a network).

The 5G Network Technology also has a larger/network capacity which increases its availability which makes its users to be highly reliable on it.

The 5G Network Technology even though it was recently released and lunched but it has already started impacting heavily on every industry.

From transportations down to health care and other industries which we humans are directly or indirectly in use of.

The 5G Network Technology is also driving global growth in every industry in the world.

As there no doubt that in less then 20 Years with the use of this 5G Network Technology the global economy would increase to unimaginable amount.

Nothing less than $30 million jobs would generateed

And all these is what the 2nd most populated Continent Africa is tend to loose out on.

If they/we don’t start investing 5G Network Technology in the African continents.



As over 106 Network Provider has lunched their own 5G Network services.

With the announcement of about 400 5G Smart Phones Models by different Smart Phones Technology companies.

With Telecom Giat Samsung being first company in the world to release the first ever 5G Mobile smart phone which was the Galaxy S10 5G.

That was lunched in the year 2019.


Well you don’t need to be told that Africa would be the lowest to adopt the 5G Network Technology.

One of the reasons being that the prices of 5G Mobile Phones are very expensive to afford in Africa as whole.

Don’t get me wrong.

Not that they don’t have people who can afford it or already in use  of a 5G Phone.

Just that the percentage of people who can’t afford it is way higher than people who can afford it.

As of now i am writing this to you

less than 1% of mobile phone connections in the region are on 5G Network.

And it is not looking likely to increase any time soon, especially the way the economy of the contries in the continent are dwindling.

But all hopes are not lost, as the percentage is likely to increase from 1% too 6 or 7% before the year 2026.

All these would definitely make Africa the slowest to adopt the 5G Network Technology, which is not entirely their fault.

As just a few countries have lunched the 5G Technology Network in their country.

As deploying the 5G Network can be very costly for Telecommunications companies.

And which i said earlier in this article is very expensive for its users to afford in Africa.

Just 16% of mobile phones technology are on 4G then 42% are on 3G network with 1% on 5G Network while the rest are still using 2G & 1G Network respectively.


In the Year 2019 Africa must populated country and self acclaimed giat Of Africa Nigeria became the firsf among other countries to Intiate the 5G Network Triel.

With MTN Nigeria which is their biggest telecommunications company helping them

By run spectrum test on different location in the country with over 200 million citizens.

Which they did not achieve alone as mobile phones companies like ZTE, Huawei & Ericsson also assited them in the test run.

Which the led to the NCC start codinations with stakeholder to start talking about the policies that would be

governing the commercial implications of the 5G Network.

After the test Run In Nigeria, MTN moved to other nation like South Africa where the 5G Network was also lunched with the help of Vodacom.

Now just last month August 2021 East Africa Country Kenya, also joined Africa Countries that has deployed the 5G Network successfully.

Just making the numbers of countries in Africa using 5G Network Three in Number

Which includes.

  1. Nigeria
  2. South Africa & 
  3. Kenya


Its no news that the Africa Economy is not having any positive increase of lately, especially with the way most leaders in African countries run to Europe.

To borrow money from them, which they are not investing in the economy but rather using it to build infrastructures or pay salaries,

which i personally think is not a good idea.

Which is devaluing the currencies of African countries over that of other countries in the world.

Now check if this african leaders can use a chunk of their contries budget

And invest in the 5G network, all the positivity it tends to bring to the Economy of the Continents.

But if they are going to do this, well i think the ball is left the court of the leaders of the continent to do the Needful.

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