7 Reasons Why You Really Should Reduce Your Phone And TV Screen Time.


The invention of smart phones and television has made life more entertaining. But like every other technology innovation, they also have their own set of disadvantages. Nowadays, even toddlers and children are addicted to pressing smart phones and watching TV till late at night.

The time spent watching TV, playing video games and operating computers, phones, tablets, and various screen-based devices, is called “screen time.” In this article, I’ll be talking about some of the reasons why you should reduce your screen time. See them below;

Reasons You Should Reduce Your Screen Time

1. Your relationship with your family and friends would definitely decline when you’re addicted to TV and your phone screen. It leads to decreased physical interaction and socializing. You might develop anxiety and not know how to communication with real life people due to excess usage of these gadgets.

2. Headaches and migraines becomes frequent when your eyes spend excess time looking at a phone or television screen. The use of those gadgets continuously could negatively affect the brain.

3. Being too involved in screen-based activities like watching TV and operating smart phones can make a person develop less creativity and imagination skills.

4. Sleep deprivation is another main side effect of excess use of phones and TV screens. Light emitted from the screen delays release of the melatonin hormone essential for proper sleep.

5. Many people are so fond of being around their phones all the time. Some even carry phones inside the bathroom and toilet. Using phones in places like this could cause the development of health problems because the phone gets exposed to germs, and toxins.

6. Excessive use of these devices can also strain your eyes, resulting in eye pain, blurred vision, itching, and eye fatigue.

7. Excessive screen time may also cause psychological problems like stress, anxiety, social detachment, relationship problems, lack of focus at school or workplace.


Smart phones and television’s have made life fun, but it still comes along with little disadvantages and while catching fun it’s just a good thing we also check on our self’s our health matters and connection with family and friends matters a lot also so we should all learn go give less amount of time to this gadgets

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