Amazing Smartphone Tricks You Did Not Know About

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Welcome to Nigerianewsdaily, and in this new informative content, we will be teaching you some essential smart phone hacks that you can perform with your mobile phone. You can do so many things with your phone, especially when you are a phone freak like me, here are the spme Amazing simple and creative smartphone hacks you can try.

  1. How To Receive More Than One Call At A Time:

Receiving more than one call can be as easy as dialing a simple code on your smartphone. Sometimes you wonder how people answer another call when they are already on a call. The trick is simple all you have to do is to Dial *43# and SEND. After dialing that code and then you are on a call, and it happens that another call comes through or someone is calling you. All you have to do is press 2 and send. The first call will be on hold, and the fantastic thing is that the ring placed on hold will not have to complain of his credit because the person’s credit will not be wasted or be in use during the period of time the call has been on hold.

  1. How To Hide Your Phone Number When Making A Call:

The easiest and fast way to hide your number when making a call is by dialing a simple code which I will tell you briefly, but before then, I will like to tell you not to hide your number in an emergency situation. To hide your number when making a call, dial #31#, followed by the recipient number, and SEND. Although some smartphone comes with true caller and you can use that to hide your ID if you don’t want to go through the stress of dialing the code. You can allow certain people to see your ID by dialing *31# followed by the recipient number or the person number you want to call, and lastly, you can see your caller ID status by dialing the code *#31#. This is the easy and best way to hide your number when making a call.


  1. How To Use Your Phone To Unlock Your Car:

The world is changing, and so is the world of technology. What if I tell you that you can use your smartphone to unlock your car, sounds crazy, right, but for those that have heard about it then and don’t know how to go about it, then don’t worry, you are in the right place. If your car has a remote keyless entry, then you are on the right track.

Keep your car keys inside the house or a reasonable distance where you know it cannot unlock the car, hold your phone close to your car door and asked someone to press the unlock button, the person has to keep his phone close to the key also and then your car will unlock. This trick can help you save stressing someone from bringing your car keys from a distance.


  1. How To Lock And Unlock Your Airtime:

Locking your Airtime simply means no one will be able to use your Airtime even if they see Airtime in the phone. To lock your Airtime, all you have to do is Dial **03*330*0000*2213# and send your Airtime will be locked, mind you if your Airtime is locked even you cannot access it unless you unlock it, and to unlock your Airtime to unlock airtime, Dial **03*2213#SEND.


  1. How To Check Your WAEC Result With Your Phone:

To check your WAEC result using your phone, you have to send them a message. To do that, go to text message and type WAEC*YOUR EXAM NUMBER*PIN NUMBER ON YOUR SCRATCH CARD” YEAR OF EXAM* then send to 32327. After a while, your result will be sent to you. The service will cost you depending on the network service provider you are using.


  1. How To Retrieve Your Stolen SIM Card:

First, buy a new SIM card, then call the customer care of your network. Give them the following pieces of information: THE MOST 3 NUMBERS YOU CALL, THE LAST DAY YOU RECHARGED YOUR PHONE & THE DAY YOU LOST YOUR SIM. They know all these pieces of information, and once you have answered correctly, they will put your line back to your new SIM.


  1. How To Send Please Call Me Back Requests On MTN, GLO, 9Mobile & AIRTEL:

MTN Network:

You can send, please call me on MTN using three (3) steps which are very easy to remember. Follow the steps below to achieve that

  • Step 1: Dial *133#
  • Step 2: You will be asked to enter the number you want to send the please call me to.
  • Step 3: Then, you will be required to select your preferred message from the below statements.

GLO Network:

one thing I like about the GLO network is that it is not like the MTN. All you have to do is dial a code plus the recipient’s phone number, and you are good to go. To send, please call me on GLO network, Dial *125*recipient’s phone number# SEND. With that easy step, your message is delivered.

AIRTEL Network:

The AIRTEL network dial code for please call me is as easy as that of the GLO what you need is to dial a simple code. To send please call me on AIRTEL dial *140*recipient’s phone number #SEND.

9MOBILE Network:

  • 9MOBILE network offers a variety of please call you can choose from the list of code below to use.
  • To send Please Call Me, thank you, Dial *266*1*ThePersonNumber# SEND.
  • To send Please Call Me, I landed safely, Dial *266*2*ThePersonNumber# SEND.
  • To send Please Call Me, I am now available, Dial *266*3*recipient’s phone number# SEND.
  • To send Please Call Me, it’s an emergency, dial *266*4*recipient’s phone number# SEND.

The thing about the code is the variation which starts from 1 down to 4. All you need to do is to hold the *266*, and you are good to go.


I know you might be surprised with the smartphone hack and maybe have never heard of it, but today you are not left out and he hope they are helpful/useful to you. We hope that you try them to see for yourself, and if any of them don’t work, you relate us for the latest update.

We hope you find this article informative and educative, and if you are having challenges with any of the code or hacks, you let us know or have something to add to us. We are highly open to suggestions.

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