Beware of Ongoing SMS Phishing Scam Binance CEO Warns

Binance CEO Warns user of the ongoing massive phishing Scam SMS. One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance owner, Changpeng Zao noted that users were receiving an SMS message looking to steal credentials by redirecting users to a malicious website.

Changpeng Zao make up series of tweets to alert users about the SMS scam, also urged users to always go to the Binance website via a bookmark or by typing it in on the browser to ensure they protect their credentials.

Changpeng Zhao’s tweet comes with a screenshot, which is in a form of a text message which happens to be targeting the users of Binance. The source of the text message caption that it comes from the binance exchange but carries a fraudulent link.

On clicking this, users are directed to a phishing website which then proceeds to harvest the credentials of the users to swindle off their funds once users enter their Binance credentials.

It is still not yet revealed if actually only Binance users are targeted with such phishing Scam SMS. However, it is believed that other exchange companies will fall in line if this fraudsters continues. On the other hands, the number of Binance users who have been a victim of the recent phishing scam hasn’t been reported or disclosed.

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