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Networking projects

In this article, we will discuss networking projects that an individual or student can take part in. but first of all, before we start talking about networking projects, for the sake of first-timers, let define Networking Projects so that you understand the basics. Computer Networking is a process that deals with various algorithms and protocols which are developed in networks. In other words, networking projects are ideas or what you can use your networking knowledge to create or develop. Below are some of the networking projects our team put together to help reduce your work.



The ON OSPF TECHNOLOGY is one of the best networking ideas probably available. OSPF is a short form for (Open Shortest Path First). It is a member of the IP Routing protocol and is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) for the internet. The IGP is an essential protocol in the network because it distributes IP Routing information throughout a single Autonomous System in an IP network.

The most important thing you must know about the OSPF is that it is a link-state routing protocol used to find the best path between the source and the destination router using its own shortest path first. You can use the OSPF Technology for a networking project if appropriately implemented. It is easy to use and understand, and the main advantage of the OSPF is that is the complete knowledge of topology allows the router to calculate routes that satisfy particular criteria. So if you want to take a project using this link-state routing protocol, we advise you know topology.


I usually think anything that has to do with bit is straightforward and not to waste my time, but this bit stuffing Algorithm is tricky. Before I say much, let me make you understand what Bit Stuffing is. Bit Stuffing is defined as the insertion of non-information bits into data. While bit stuffing Algorithm is a technique for coding constrained sequences by inserting bits into an arbitrary data sequence. With this simple definition, I believe you already know how the project will be like. Just a little more research and you are done with your project.


This might sound too technical but let me try to explain. Many applications, servers run on the cloud with the introduction of cloud computing. The idea of network virtualization for open cloud is to compile a diverse set of tenant-specific requirements into a single configuration of the underlying physical network.

Some challenges with the cloud are mostly security and how elements interact with each other. Taking a project under this topic will be easy if you know about cloud computing since everything is in the cloud.


Shining Light on non-public Data Flow, just as the name implemented, this project is used to collect data by programs that operate behind the scenes.  After all the data have been collected, it can be used to represent a direct privacy threat as it can be used for marketing, crime, profiling, or government surveillance. Yet, consumers have little knowledge about it and no legal means to access the data. You can always check to try this project since it involves collecting data and is not complicated.


Service Switching Point, a short form (SSP), is a networking field and a project idea. It mainly deals with calls. For example, if a call is placed, the service switching points react by sending an inquiry to a central database known as the SCP, which stands for (Service Control Point), which makes sure that the call is attended to or does not break. I believe this project should be enjoyable and exciting to perform.


A Signal Transfer Point (STP) is very similar to the SSP. It is tasked with route signaling messages based on their destination point code in the SS7 network. The STP project is basically on the signaling links. And the primary function of the Signal Transfer Point is to identify the best path for two SEPs to communicate.


A Service Control Point (SCP) is a networking technology used in the telephone system to control the service. The SCP queries the service data point which holds the actual database and directory, and it identifies the geographical number to which the call is to be routed. The SCP is used for different purposes; including communicating with an intelligent peripheral (IP) to play voice messages or ask for information from the user, and many more.


Security and networking work hand in hand because we always need security to protect our networks. There are many ways available an organization can take to enhance safety for their networking applications, including the introduction of security models such as the private network. It can be a good networking project to work on.


This is simply the design and implementation of a home automation system that uses WiFi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts. Any user or network administrator can use the local area network (LAN) to control the system code or use the internet to control the system code.

What is the basic concept of networking?

The basic concept of networking includes the way computers communicate and interact with each other and the connection that exist between them.

Examples of the basic concept include the switches, router, servers, clients, transmission media, access point, shared data, network interface card, local operating system, network operating system, protocol, hub, LAN cable, OSI model, unique identifiers of network and other important network components such as the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and the RARP(Reverse Resolution Protocol).

These are the basic concept of networking. In our next tutorial, we will be looking much in-depth on this aspect.

What are the 4 types of networks?

The computer networks are categorized into four which are the LAN, PAN, MAN, WAN.

The LAN which stands for Local Area Network which allows the connection of two or more computers with an office or organization, it is less expensive with more security and provides quicker transmission of network.

The PAN stands for Private or Personal Area Network. It is mostly connected within 30 feet and for individual use devices that are connected to this kind of network include laptops, Bluetooth, mobile phone.

The MAN is an abbreviation for Metropolitan Area Network. this network covers larger area by connecting different Local Area Network together. This type of network is mostly used by government agencies and well establishes organizations to communicate with its citizens or branches. It also covers and connects countries together.

The WAN stand for Wide Area Network which covers a state or country, example of the WAN is the internet.

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