Why You Should Never Place Your Laptop On Your Lap While Using It

You have probably used your laptop resting on your legs for convenience on more than one occasion. But can this cause infertility?

Years ago, laptops were hardly commonplace. Now, with the rapid evolution of technology, it would not be surprising if you were holding one of these devices in your hands.

Due to their size and wireless capability, these computers are becoming more and more common in society. However, we don’t always use them in the way they should be used. A clear example of this is that we often place our laptops on our laptops.

Now more than ever, the use of technology has increased. This is because, due to the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting quarantine, more and more people are using their electronic devices for entertainment or work.

In order to be more comfortable, we often rest our laptops on our legs. However, this is a mistake, as in the long run this device can cause impotence and infertility in men. But why is that?

When we use the laptop for a long time, the battery tends to overheat. If we place it on a bed, a table, or anywhere else, our body should not be harmed by heat waves. On the other hand, when resting it on your lap or legs, the radical change in temperature can affect you.

Why heat can cause sterility:

On average, humans have a body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. As some of the proteins that facilitate sperm formation only work at 34 degrees Celsius, the testicles have to be placed outside. Therefore, if we place an electronic device that emits a large amount of heat on the legs, the testicles could stop working.

In particular, Dr. Yefim Sheynikin, associate professor of urology at Stony Brook University in New York, conducted a study on the subject. He found that a man’s scrotal temperature rises 2.7 degrees for every hour a laptop is on his legs.

To prevent the reproductive function from being mitigated by frequent use of the computer in this position, the experts advise following these recommendations: use a table or desk as a support for the laptop instead of the legs; if this is not possible, do not spend more than two hours in this position; and, finally, walk barefoot for several minutes so that the body discharges the excess heat.

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