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Youtube About To Remove The Dislike Button On There Platform

Earlier today, YouTube announced a major upcoming change that will appear on its platform. The company will make “dislikes” dependent on all videos on its website and apps. This implies that YouTube Dislike Button will be scraped.

Considering that this simple function is basically on the platform from the beginning, this decision is very important, and the majority of users on popular video sharing platforms will no longer be able to determine the overall reception of the video.

YouTube believes that this change is better from a creator’s perspective, because content creators/YouTubers will now be better protected from harassment and reduce the threat of so-called “disgusting attacks.”

For those who don’t know, this is basically when many users join forces to increase the number of dislikes received by the video. According to the company, the dislike count will no longer be visible to users, but the dislike button itself will not be deleted.

Therefore, users can still click the “dislike” button, but the actual number of these dislikes can only be displayed by the creator of the video along with other statistics related to their video through YouTube Studio.

It is worth noting that the company’s move came after an experiment conducted earlier this year. The purpose of this experiment is to find out whether these changes will reduce aversion attacks and creator harassment. The company also explained that the number of dislikes affects the happiness of creators and can stimulate targeted dislikes.

Although the reasoning may be reasonable, disliking buttons is also very useful for other reasons. Previously, people could click on bait to determine if a video was misleading, or even look at dislikes to determine its potential scam.

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